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Bryan Voltaggio Dressed as Elvis; Where to Drink Tequila

Photo: @bryanvoltaggio

IMAGE INTERLUDE—Why, is that a photograph of Bryan Voltaggio dressed in an Elvis costume? Yes, yes it is. The chef and Volt/Lunchbox/Family Meal owner participated in Flying Dog Brewery's Elvis Open Golf Tournament today and tweeted the photograph above for all to enjoy. [Twitter]

EVERYWHERE—Today is apparently National Tequila Day, which means an excuse to drink and maybe get a discount for it! The Washingtonian rounds up some of the best deals, including at the newly opened Mexican restaurants El Chucho and Bandolero. [Washingtonian]

VIENNA—For those who have been hankering for Georgetown's shuttered Crepe Amour, Washingtonian has the good news that the shop is reopening — with pretty much the same menu but just out in Virginia now. They're also rebranding their food truck and catering company to the name Crepe Love. So kind of like Cake Love? [Washingtonian]

Crepe Amour

407 Maple Way East, Vienna, VA