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Mike Isabella on a Food Truck; A New Serbian Restaurant

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Photo: @JenResick

IMAGE INTERLUDEHere's a photo of Mike Isabella shilling for an online reservations company and a kitchen appliance company during the one-day-only appearance of Graffiato's "food truck." Food samples were consumed, appliances were given away and some people think the truck looks kind of like the Popemobile — you know, if the Popemobile was much larger, bright red and emblazoned with logos. [Twitter]

COMING ATTRACTIONS—The Washington Business Journal reports that Ivan Iricanin, a partner in Masa 14 and El Centro, is opening his own restaurant on Barracks Row this fall. There's no name or chef, but it will serve Serbian cuisine. [WBJ]

BOOZE NEWS—The Going Out Gurus have the list of finalists in the Rickey Month cocktail competition. The winner will be judged at Jack Rose on August 5. [WaPo]


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