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Back Alley Waffles Delves Further Into Shitshow Territory

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Back Alley Waffles owner Craig Nelsen has been making waves with his accusations against Groupon for killing his business, but now perhaps Groupon is the least of his problems. DCist has the scoop that Back Alley Waffles wasn't even legal to sell food begin with. Oh boy.

Apparently, Nelsen never got his a basic business license or Certificate of Occupancy before opening nor had there been an inspection from the Department of Health. Indeed, health inspectors had even issued the waffle shop a cease-and-desist three weeks ago — meaning it should have been closed with or without Groupon's involvement at least until those boxes were checked.

Nelsen claims he never saw the cease-and-desist and continues to blame Groupon for the fact that the didn't get his business license, telling DCist that: "...the Chicago-based company was late in sending him his first batch of checks—and that as a consequence his check accompanying his application for a basic business license—which costs $324.50 for the first year—bounced."

And there it is, the latest update in the shitshow that is Back Alley Waffle's "bloodthirsty" Groupon-blaming shutter. Stay tuned for Nelsen's inevitable response to DCist's response to Nelsen's response to Groupon's response to Nelsen's original rant.

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