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Human Rights Campaign Protests the Chick-fil-A Truck

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Photo: @HRC

As politicians, gay rights leaders and the Muppets engage in a national debate about Chick-fil-A and its president's admitted anti-gay stance, this was only a matter of time: Today the DC-headquartered Human Rights Campaign organized a protest against Chick-fil-A's brand new food truck that has faced backlash since Day 1. As can be expected, there were clever signs and chants, but also plenty of people at Metro Center who still just wanted their damn chicken sandwiches, according to WUSA:

Despite the chants of "Hey, hey, ho, ho, homophobia's got to go" from the protestors, a line of hungry customers still formed in front of the truck Thursday.

HRC online campaigns manager Dan Rafter told WUSA that the organization isn't encouraging a boycott but rather is trying to "make sure it is very clear that everyone knows where their money is going. We're trying to present all the fact to consumers and let them make their own decisions about if they want to support Chick-fil-A or not."

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