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Chick-fil-A Food Truck Revamps After Just a Month

Before Photo: @ChickfilaMobile; After Photo: @DarcySpencer

The Chick-fil-A food truck was spotted around town about a month ago, but apparently a couple of weeks on the street proved it wasn't quite ready for primetime. NBC4 reporter Darcy Spencer — DC's official Chick-fil-A whisperer — tweets this morning that the truck has been revamped and is now aiming for a July 9 launch date.

And what does that revamp look like? Well, it went from a white wrapper with a simple Chick-fil-A logo written in red to a red wrapper emblazoned with cows and yellow script declaring obnoxiously misspelled things like "Chikin on wheeli— geenius." They've also got a Twitter handle — which it would appear has secretly existed since April — with pictures of the truck's last incarnation.

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