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Eater Readers Name 25 Dishes to Their Menu Wish Lists

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In last Friday's Open Thread, Eater readers were asked to name the dishes that DC restaurants are missing. Some replies were more an indictment of what's already being offered — such as better soul food — while other readers simply wanted more or closer options for their favorite rare dishes. Then, of course, there are the regional favorites that DC restaurants truly are missing from their menus. Listed here, in no particular order, are suggestions from the comments, the tipline and Twitter:

1. Cambodia's amok
2. Italian Beef
3. Philly cheesesteak
4. Korean fried chicken
5. Poutine

6. Cornish pasties
7. Deli/diner food
8. "Quality & cheap soul food"
9. Migas
10. Jewish deli
11. Shanghai-style soup dumplings
12. Takoyaki
13. A soba noodle bar
14. Sabich
15. Garbage plates
16. Hawaiian dishes like kalua pork and shoyu chicken
17. Onigiri
18. Popiah
19. Roti canai
20. Chicken paprikash
21. Caribbean food
22. Pierogies
23. Snowballs
24. Pied de cochon
25. Lechon asado

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Hula Girl brought Hawaii's spam musubi to DC [Photo: Facebook]