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Seventh Hill, Montmartre Closing to Renovate, With a New Chef For the Latter

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Capitol Hill denizens, consider yourselves advised to schedule a meal at Seventh Hill Pizza and Montmartre this weekend, as both restaurants will be temporarily closing for renovations after service on Sunday. Co-owner of the sister restaurants Stephane Lezla tells Eater that Seventh Hill will be closing for four weeks, while Montmartre's improvements will only take about a week to 10 days — and the latter will reopen with former Tallula chef Brian Wilson in the executive chef role.

Yes, those who wondered where Wilson landed with yesterday's reveal that Nate Waugaman had taken over the Tallula kitchen can wonder no more: Lezla says Wilson has been working over at Montmartre since Tuesday and is bringing some new specials and a few menu changes to the restaurant, which is closing so that the landlord can improve the HVAC system.

Meanwhile, Seventh Hill's renovations should take about a month as they plan to knock out a wall and add about 20 feet of space — something customers have been clamoring for in the very small, very popular pizzeria. Pizzaiolo Anthony Pilla says there should be about 19 more seats, plus fans and a bigger patio when the restaurant reopens next month. In the meantime, he'll be hanging around DC trying out all the pizzerias he doesn't have time to visit and, obviously, still making pizza.

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Montmartre [Photo: Yelp]


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