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Inside the Rock n Roll Vibe of Eamonn's and TNT Bar

[Photos: R.Lopez]

What exactly does a "hipster Irish vibe" look like in restaurant design? Well, the gallery above is a peek into the Eat Good Food Group's interpretation of the theme in the Arlington outpost of Dublin chipper Eamonn's and its sidekick TNT Bar. Yesterday brought a look at the expanded menu options for the Penrose Square Eamonn's on its soft-opening day, and now please take a look inside at its expanded seating and handy Irish chipper decoder board coming straight to you from the team behind Restaurant Eve, Virtue Feed & Grain and more.

And while some of TNT Bar's cocktails derive their inspiration from rock n roll — such as Thymes Likes These named for a Foo Fighters song — the design is heavy on the rock vibe as well. Not only are the words rock n roll literally printed on the walls, but the idea is evoked by graffiti-esque artwork on the walls of hearts, skulls and outlines of body-shot targets.

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