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Here Are the Killer Early Renderings of H Street's Maketto

One of Maketto's retail spaces.
One of Maketto's retail spaces.

[Design and sketches: Michael Francis/Queue, LLC]

Feast your eyes upon the sketches of what is soon to become Maketto, Erik Bruner-Yang and Will Sharp's Asian market hitting H Street in 2013. When we first learned of the "next generation Eastern Market" from the minds behind Toki Underground and Durkl, Bruner-Yang shared his plans for Maketto's aesthetic: will really be about clean and modern architectural lines and features. Highlighting how open and huge the space is and really letting the retail product and food be the feature. Everything from the cafe to the retail components will all have seamless integration. For example eating in the retail store won't feel like you are eating in a retail store. And from the looks of these sketches, that seamlessness is carried through. Maketto will feature retail space and a bar on its first level, then more retail space and an espresso bar from Vigilante Coffee on the second floor. Behind the building, there's a courtyard leading to the kitchen with a covered walkway — the cover, by the way, is a catwalk to the kitchen's roofdeck. Take a look through the gallery and here now is a statement from Bruner-Yang himself:

These preview hand renderings of Maketto, our new mixed retail and restaurant space, showcase the vibrant food and fashion destination that will soon hit H Street NE. Myself and Will Sharp, creator of DURKL, hope to provide a casual, comfortable place that allows everyone to create their own experience—from upstairs to downstairs, inside to outside, there is just so much to discover. Vigilante Coffee will offer handcrafted, on-site roasted and brewed coffee that adds an authentic café element seen in Asia's growing coffee culture. As for the food, my recent trips to the night markets of Taiwan and Cambodia have heavily influenced the specialties we will be reproducing daily and seasonally. The goal is to stay as authentic as possible and we are excited to constantly change the game to keep DC curious and hungry for more.

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