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Cafe Green, Java Green Seek $40,000 To Pay Tax Debt

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Hey vegans, if you've got about $40,000 to spare, Cafe Green and Java Green would very much like it if you could throw some their way. Eagle-eyed Jessica Sidman spotted a notice on the window this morning that the Office of Tax and Revenue has suspended the sister establishments, which are closed until further notice. Cafe Green manager Wes Rubbin tells Eater by phone this afternoon that they need about $40,000 to reopen and are launching a PayPal fundraiser to make it happen. A note on the website explains:

For the past few years Java Green and Cafe Green have struggled to keep our doors open through the recession. Though we have made some headway, as far as the DC Tax Office is concerned, we have not been able to provide them with the amounts they have expected of us. In effect, we have had to state our temporary closing until we can meet the DC Governments expectations.

With that said, in order to stay open and provide you with the healthful vegan dining experience you've grown to love, we are going to need a little help from our community. Any donation that you can make is very appreciated and will be going directly towards our efforts to open our doors to you.

In terms of incentives, they're offering 5 percent off all purchases for a year for a $50 donation, or 5 percent off for life with donations of $100 or more. Rubbin says the hope is to get the restaurants back open within a week — they were shuttered yesterday. And if the money doesn't materialize? "We're not really looking at that as an option," he said, later explaining, "Intention makes everything. We're going to get it eventually."

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Cafe Green

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