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Protein Bar, Sweetgreen City Vista, More Now Open

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Photo: Protein Bar

1) Penn Quarter: Chicago's health-conscious Protein Bar has opened the doors to its very first DC location today in Penn Quarter. The signature menu item here is on their "bar-ritos," which use quinoa rather than rice, whole wheat wraps instead of flour tortillas, and a focus on organic ingredients. Also on the DC menu are blended drinks, high-protein breakfast bowls and scrambles, vegetarian and chicken chili, raw juices and salads that go "for maximum nutrition." Status: Certified open. 398 7th Street NW; website

2) Mount Vernon Square: Over at the City Vista complex, Sweetgreen has officially opened the doors on its 13th space this morning. The new location offers the same menu of customizable salads, wraps and frozen yogurt that are so damn popular everywhere else. Status: Certified open. 1065 5th Street NW; website

3) Downtown: Just as scheduled, Bean & Bite opened its doors on 15th Street yesterday afternoon, bringing another takeout spot downtown, albeit this time a takeout spot from the restaurateurs behind gastropub Againn. The Washington Post visited on opening day and noticed a "rustic-contemporary" design, a couple of self-serve espresso machines, "a mouth-watering sweets counter" and " a pretty decent bagel." Status: Certified open. 1152 15th Street NW; website

Protein Bar

398 7th Street NW, Washington, DC

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