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Eater Readers Name Their Favorite FOH Employees

All week long, Eater has been shining a light on those front of the house professionals who don't always get all the glory they deserve. While some of the city's top writers have provided some great tales of their favorite servers, bartenders and general managers, Eater readers have also been writing into the tipline or comments section with their own favorites. Here now is that list:

1) My bartender Valentine King, he is my day bartender at Restaurant Eve. He has been with me for 5 years and he is the hardest worker I know. —Todd Thrasher

2) One of my favorite FOH members is Joe Ostrosky of Toki Underground. First of all, it's a small house, and one that takes no reservations, so telling hungry people many times over that they have to wait two hours for that sacred bowl of noodles is no easy feat, but Joe does it with a great attitude. He welcomes diners as well as serves them with the same kindness, and is knowledgeable of what's on the menu. Everyone at Toki really does a great job of making you feel right at home in their little space. —Natalia Moreno, We Love DC

3) Krishna behind the bar at Cashion's. Smart, funny , makes everyone comfortable and feel like a regular no matter how often you come it. Is also great with food and drink recomendations. [Eater Tipline]

4) Go check out Andres Sweek at Bond45 in National Harbor!  He's a loyal DC native so much so that he has a DC flag tattoo!!! [Eater Tipline]

5) Colin at Toki Underground [Eater Comments]

6) Angel at Casa Oaxaca [Eater Comments]

7) Erik Bergman at Birch & Barley [Eater Comments]

8) Mave, bartender at The Hamilton [Eater Comments]

9) Jenny at Boundary Road [Eater Comments]

10) Sonja Kampitch at Hard Times Cafe Rockville [Eater Comments]

Restaurant Eve [Photo: R. Lopez]

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