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Are These DC's 30 Most Underrated Restaurants?

In last Friday's Open Threads, we asked Eater readers to name DC's most underrated restaurants from the neighborhood favorites to the classics whose buzz has worn away through the years. More than 30 unique nominations came in through the comments and the tipline, which are now listed here in no particular order — with nominations from publicists or employees of the restaurant hopefully culled out. In the coming days, we'll narrow these down for a map of our favorite, really truly underrated restaurants. So, last call for comments.

1. Bistro La Bonne
2. Occidental Grille
3. Oval Room
4. Sushi Taro
5. Bistrot du Coin
6. Adour
7. St. Arnold's Mussel Bar
8. Vidalia
9. Corduroy
10. Bistro Provence

11. BlackSalt
12. Cactus Cantina
13. Sushiko
14. Mio
15. Mintwood Place
16. Urbana
17. DC Coast
18. Mandu
19. Florida Avenue Grill
20. Eola
21. Palena
22. Proof
23. Geranio
24. The Majestic
25. Ardeo + Bardeo
26. Obelisk
27. Bistro Francais
28. Minibar
29. Mixtec
30. Elisir

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The Oval Room [Photo: R. Lopez]