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Bachelor Pad 'Ladies Style' Bar Party: Rose-Frosted Cakes, Maseratis and Insights Into Women

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Bachelor Pad contestants Chris Bukowski, "Super Fan" Paige Vigil and winner Nick Peterson
Bachelor Pad contestants Chris Bukowski, "Super Fan" Paige Vigil and winner Nick Peterson

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Last night, Sugo Cicchetti hosted a viewing party/press conference/birthday party for Bachelor Pad/Bachelorette star Chris Bukowski, soon-to-be owner of that "ladies style" sports bar at a TBD location somewhere in the Washington area. To celebrate, this year's Bachelor Pad winner Nick Peterson flew in to watch the finale of what some say is the "most disturbing" Bachelor Pad ever. Also brought in to Sugo Cicchetti for the party: investor Jeff Greenberg's Maserati, a 170-inch flat screen television, a life-sized cardboard cutout of Bukowski, and a cake with a giant frosting rose.

As established last week, Dimitri Moshovitis and the team from Cava Mezze and Sugo Cicchetti will lend their consulting expertise to get the ladies-style sports bar off the ground, develop the menu, hire a chef and help with the permitting process, but it will ultimately be Chris Bukowski's restaurant. As a heads up to Bukowski's 40,000-odd Twitter followers, he'll be there on a daily basis to run the restaurant. Here are your hangover observations.

1) Dimitri Moshovitis is an avid Bachelor Pad fan. "Monday is my night off, and I watch it every night," he said. "I think it's interesting. Twenty people stuck in a house with nothing to do but drink and jump in the pool."

2) The ladies-style sports bar won't look like Barbie's dream house, according to Bukowski: "You're not going to walk into the restaurant, and it's not going to be like everything is going to be pink. It's really going to cater to women as far as the food is concerned."

3) Instead of nachos and wings, the menu will be heavy on tapas-style small plates priced at under $14, similar to dishes at Cava and Sugo. "It's not going to be your traditional bar food, it will be a step up. Definitely small plates that you go to tapas restaurant, Italian, Greek, we'll even throw a Polish dish in there. That's the most important thing about getting people to come back is the food," Bukowski said.

5) Get pumped, Washington, because this place is going to be the new home base for the "Bachelor Nation." Bukowski explains: "I'd love it to be a destination for Bachelor Nation for all the alumni to come in for fundraising."

6) Beyond being on the Bachelor Pad, Bukowski's dream since he was 17 was to own a restaurant. He studied hospitality with a focus in food and beverage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and dreamed of the "sports bar for women" concept three years ago. And in response to the big question — whether women need a sports bar — he said: "I don't think women need a sports bar, but I do think women need a place to go where they can and have affordable food and have a very casual setting. If women are there, men are going to show up. Women would rather watch The Bachelorette than sports, the majority of them, I would say. Maybe."

7) In order to not make generalizations about what women want in their sports bar, Bukowski and partners will reach out to their Twitter followers for suggestions on everything from the menu items to the restaurant's name: "What we're thinking of doing is making a competition of someone who comes up with the best name. We just really want to listen to what everyone wants," Bukowski said. "That's why we're reaching out. If I knew everything that women wanted, holy crap. That's the fun of it. We'll be trying to figure each other out the rest of our lives."

8) Confirmed Bachelor Nation partners for the venture include Kalon McMahon and Ed Swiderski. Bachelor Pad winner Nick Peterson is in the exploratory stages of investing in the venture.

9) Moshovitis and Bukowski are looking for a space hopefully near Cava Mezze in Clarendon. Bukowski said: "Clarendon seems like a destination where you don't have to get really dressed up to go out and have a good time. It's pretty laid back and just a really good crowd."

10) Yes, they will host viewing parties for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, according to Bukowski: "It doesn't interrupt with Monday Night Football."

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