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White House Brewing Raising Funds to Brew Honey Ale

Sure, several breweries expressed interest in reproducing the White House Honey Ale when the recipes were released last week, but now some homebrewers have plans in the works for a brewery devoted exclusively to the White House beers. White House Brewing Company just launched a Kickstarter campaign claiming to be "the world's first crowd-sourced, crowd-organized brewery" — with the goal of producing the White House beer:

Our home brew, though mighty, is too small, so we need to grow bigger. Kickstarters, this is where you come in. Join us on our amazing journey to up-size to a brewery that could finally appease America's thirst for the White House beer.

They've only raised $320 in the first few days of a campaign that aims to reach $50,000. The Kickstarter project is DC-based, but since they plan to be a brewery of the people and for the people, the theoretical brewery's location would be wherever funders desire: "Every choice will be made democratically, with every backer getting a vote in even the most minute of detail." Beyond the brewery dream, they're also planning to sell homebrew kits.

Video: Brewery and Beer Kits from White House Brewing Company:

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[Photo: Kickstarter]