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Signature Sauerkraut Dishes from Spike & Mike

Kraut Rocks is in full swing. All month, a select group of top DC chefs have been serving kraut-centric dishes at their respective restaurants, sharing tips and recipes on Kraut Rocks TV, and celebrating the beauty of this cabbage-y delight. Diners can sample the exclusive dishes until the end of September, and vote on their favorites on

While not directly part of the competition, Kraut Rocks host Spike Mendelsohn and chef Mike Isabella still wanted in on the action. The result? A pair of tasty sauerkraut recipes from two of DC's hottest chefs. Spike wowed his buddies with his spicy soupe à l'oignon, and Mike with his pork belly lettuce tacos with sauerkraut slaw.

Check out the video above to witness the tasting, and download their recipes at And be sure to stay tuned for details on how Mendelsohn plans to do the unthinkable—put sauerkraut on a pizza pie. We hear he's baking something up for We, The Pizza.