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White House Releases Beer Recipes, Everyone Freaks Out

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Congratulations due out to the people of America who have successfully badgered the White House into releasing the recipe for its White House Honey Ale homebrew. Over the long weekend, the White House posted the recipe in response to a petition that had only reached 12,240 out of a required 25,000 signatures, a FOIA request and general outcry. There's also a video tour of the White House Beer Room, where no camera has ever been before.

Predictably, this news has made everyone go nuts, picked up all over the national and international press. The New York Times talks to Brooklyn Brewery's Garrett Oliver, who explains that the White House homebrew set up "might be called 'second-level beginner'" and says he's standing by to help out with brewing. Meanwhile, Politico has a statement from the Beer Institute in which it "applauds the president for his enthusiasm for beer and sharing his passion with beer lovers everywhere."

Video: Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

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