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Salt & Sundry at Union Market; Pizza For Redskins Fans

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UNION MARKET—Food writer Amanda McClements of Metrocurean announced this evening her long-rumored plans to open a lifestyle store in the Union Market. Named Salt & Sundry and scheduled for later this year, the store will offer tableware, barware, artisanal food and "plans to host special events and demonstrations with local chefs, mixologists and food personalities in the store." [Facebook]

REDSKINS WIRE—In honor of the NFL season kickoff, Extreme Pizza in Dallas, Texas is offering up two specials: One, at $3.50 for Cowboys fans only (a jumbo slice and soda). The other, at $863.49 for Giants and Redskins fans only (a jumbo slice and soda). [Eater National]

WHITE HOUSE BEER WIRE—Among the people freaking out upon the release of the recipes for the White House Honey Ale? DCist. The site has teamed up with the homebrewer who launched the petition to release the recipes and will get to work on their own version of the brew. [DCist]

Salt & Sundry

1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC

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