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Watch Port City's Bill Butcher Speak at the DNC Last Night

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Last night, Port City Brewing Company founder Bill Butcher gave a speech at a little old thing called the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. While it's unclear at this time whether he actually had the opportunity to welcome President Barack Obama to the homebrewing scene as promised, he did joke about the White House Honey Ale in the two-minute speech, joking: "I hear President Obama has been brewing some beer in the White House recently, and I know you're not supposed to endorse a competitor, but in this case I'm going to make an exception."

In other dispatches from the convention, Butcher threatened to wear a powder blue tux onstage, took a picture with "Governor of Colorado, and fellow craft brewer John Hickenlooper" and, alas, denied the delegates free beer. Here's the speech.

Video: Bill Butcher at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

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