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Local Personal Chef Jenn Crovato Debuts A Cookbook

DC-based personal chef Jenn Crovato is publishing a cookbook devoted to healthy recipes, particularly those that are good for the heart. The chef is behind Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Pepper, which was produced by Hilton Publishing. It is coming out next month.

The cookbook (not shocking, given the title) focuses on unprocessed foods prepared with the help of a little olive oil or basic seasoning. There are 141 recipes in the cookbook, which tries to help teach readers basic cooking techniques like sauteeing, blanching, grilling and roasting. Crovato's a lifelong cook that even used to sell her own pepperoni rolls in the teachers lounge when she was a kid. She spent time cooking in restaurants in Italy before becoming a personal chef. One of her longtime clients was the late businessman Joe Robert (some of the sale proceeds help his charity, "Fight for Children"). More on the cookbook here.

· Hilton Publishing [Official Site]

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