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The Early Word on Hogo, Tom Brown's Rum Bar

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Hogo, Tom Brown's rum-themed bar, opened just over two weeks ago next door to The Passenger. The restaurant features crazy murals, more than 75 different rums, and food that will change as different chefs take over the kitchen (right now, there's a Hawaiian theme to the cuisine). What's the early word? Here's what Yelpers, bloggers and others have to say about the place in its first weeks.

The Ramen News: We Love DC is particularly entranced with a ramen-influenced dish. "The highlight of the Hawaiian menu, however, is the miso saimin, ramen noodles in a rich broth with bacon dashi, a poached egg, vegetables, and pork belly. I hope this bowl lives on at the Passenger when the next chef takes over the Temporary Works kitchen." [WLDC]

The Heart Attack on a Plate News: Thrillist recommends, kind of, that you try the Loco Moco. "You'd be crazy not to try the Loco Moco with two fried eggs on top of two burgers, served with 'mac salad. So also, you'd be healthy not to try the Loco Moco." [Thrillist]

The Get There Soon News: Hogo's getting a lot of love on the Don Rockwell thread about the restaurant. Says commenter SeanMike: "GET THERE AND EAT IT BECAUSE IT'S FREAKING DELICIOUS AND WILL BE GONE SOON. Also, 75 kinds of rum, great tiki drinks, awesome decor, seriously just go down there. I've been twice in the last three nights and I can't stop thinking about going again." Also, from DaRiv18 : "Seriously, Tom Brown always mixes quality with a fun atmosphere and Hogo is no exception." A cautionary word from Albert Yi, though: "I don't think the food quite lives up to the quality of the cocktails though. I had the burger loco moco and while it was tasty I felt like it's main purpose was to soak up the alcohol." [DR]

The Twitter News: Some folks are Tweeting about their Hogo experience, including @JaredEG who says "@HogoDC was awesome, I highly suggest everyone check it out.". From @katedc: "We dream about the miso ramen. And the spam musubi." [Twitter]

The Cocktail News: A blog called Bottomless Mimosa loved the "Blackheart's Punch. It's very cinnamon-y and spicy, which made it feel almost seasonal in the winter despite the totem glass in which it was presented." [BM]

The I've Been to Hawaii News: The Hawaiian food passes muster with blogger A Jigger of Blog, who calls it "probably the best Hawaiian food I've had on the mainland ever", and with Yelper Suzy D. who says "Now, I don't want to be one of those "I lived there so I know better than the rest of you" people, but I lived in Hawaii for almost four years so I know better than the rest of you and I deem Hogo awesome." [AJOB, Yelp]

The Rum Report: Hogo is earning 4.5 stars with 5 reviews on Yelp. Says Bryan S.: "I like rum a great deal.  Not surprisingly, I like Hogo a great deal.  The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about rums and mix fantastic rum drinks.  Also a selection of tequilas and mezcal.  There are bout 75 rums which blows any competitors out of the water in terms of range.  There were even several I was not familiar with." [Yelp]

The Stellar Service News: Yelper Derek D. says, "The bartenders take good care of you, which is considerable since 1) most of their drinks require multiple ingredients and steps 2) the place was slammed.  But I felt that every patron was taken care of promptly; including food service. [Yelp]

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