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Welcome to Whale Week, Starting RIGHT NOW on Eater

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There's been Pizza Week. There's been Cocktail Week. And this time, Eater is doing something a little different. Welcome to Whale Week.

Nope, this isn't a sudden shift towards marine biology coverage. We're talking the high roller type of whale, those who love to spend lots of money — in this case, at DC restaurants. So that means on Eater DC and across the company's sites this week, there will be tales of excess: a salute to the 1 percent.

Look for coverage of restaurants that draw in a high roller crowd, peer into the lives of luxury hotel guests, and hear sommeliers talk about those crazy expensive bottles of wine that they do get to pour on occasion. Plus truffles, champagne, gold leaf, bottle service, omakase, celebrity haunts and more. If you have a story of dining extravagance that you'd like to share with the readers of Eater, send that to the tipline. Otherwise, just sit back and live vicariously. It all starts RIGHT NOW.

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