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Cigar Lockers, Small Plates, Plenty of Whiskey at Civil

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Civil Cigar Lounge, under construction
Civil Cigar Lounge, under construction
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In all the excitement/fervor/general gushing over Range, Bryan Voltaggio's little side project, Civil Cigar Lounge, may have gotten lost in the shuffle. The 500 square foot retail portion of the shop and bar quietly opened over the holidays, and the owners are gearing up for a Jan. 14 opening of the adjacent lounge. Here's what to expect from Civil, located at Chevy Chase Pavilion.

· Owners John Anderson and Matt Krimm also own W. Curtis Draper, which is the oldest full service tobacco shop in the city.

· Cigar aficionados will be able to find cigars from Nicaragua, Hondurus and the Dominican Republic at the shop, as well as smoking accessories.

· The 5,000 square foot lounge will seat 93 with leather chairs, an expensive ventilation system to keep non-smokers happy, and events space, including a glass-encased private room. There are also 125 cedar cigar lockers that can be leased by regulars. Collective Architecture was behind the design. The lounge seats 110 people.

· What to drink with your scotch: whiskeys, scotches, custom cocktails and plenty of wines.

· Voltaggio designed the small plates menu, and the lounge makes use of Range's whopping nine kitchens to whip up the dishes. Paul Spence is managing the lounge.

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Civil Cigar Lounge

5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW

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