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The Economics of Shutdown Specials; Plus, a Flow Chart

SHUTDOWN SPECIALSThe Washington Business Journal tries to get at the economics behind shutdown specials. Time will tell whether restaurants make or lose money on the various deals. [WBJ]

SHUTDOWN SPECIALS— Meanwhile, the City Paper has some fun creating a flow chart of the various specials. Want Italian food and happen to be the leader of the free world? Carmine's has you covered. [WCP]

TREND WATCHThe Washington Post zeroes in on those restaurants operating out of gas stations. Some are new like Seoul Food's brick and mortar; others are classics like R&R Taqueria. [WaPo]

ADVENTURES IN DRINKING— Looks like there's a new database out there for searching D.C. happy hour deals: Hubbub DC. [HDC]

R&R Taqueria [Logo: Facebook]

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