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TruckerBOO Returns to Fairgrounds for Halloween

EVENTS— One more food truck festival is slated for The Fairgrounds this year, and it's going to be terrifying. TruckerBOO is back again for Halloween. Food Truck Fiesta reports that this time around TruckerBOO's on Oct. 25. [FTF]

NEWS— George Washington University students returning to classes this fall found themselves hot dog-less. Manouchehr Mokhtarinava, a well-known vendor who sold from near the corner of 20th Street and Pennsylvania, stopped selling in the spring amidst abuse allegations. He's now saying he's giving up the business altogether. [WCP]

NEWS— Last week Young & Hungry examined the food trucks that had to shutter alongside the government's shutdown. Struggles continue for trucks, with the publication checking in with trucks on the location-shifting and less money they're making [WCP]
—Dena Levitz

[Photo: Food Truck Fiesta]