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D.C.'s Public Art; Schoolhouse Conversions in the City

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by David Gaines]

CURBED MAPS — Check out this map locating twelve of our favorite works of public art in D.C.

CURBED COMPARISONS — What are your rental options for $1,750 per month? We find investigate.

CURBED MAPS — We mapped the places in D.C. where old schoolhouses have been converted into condos.

ATLAS DISTRICT — After wondering aloud why there was no information online about the seemingly vacant Kendall Row, we found out that it changed its name from Capitol Hill Oasis, one of the most troubled projects in D.C.

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS — Take a look at the great photos we snapped at Columbia Heights Day.

BLOOMINGDALE — Developer Vision McMillan Partners has released new renderings regarding their plans for the McMillan Sand Filtration site. Check them out then take our poll as to whether those are an improvement.

ATLAS DISTRICT VS COLUMBIA HEIGHTS — This week's is a highly competitive Real Estate Death Match, so cast your vote!

FARRAGUT SQUARE — Someone over at Washington Business Journal thinks Third Church of Christ, Scientist — which will soon be demolished ;— is the ugliest church in D.C. Do you agree? Vote in our poll.

SHAW — With the Height Act still in place, some architects, like the ones at City Market at O, have found creative ways to build outward.

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS — Here's an interesting option for redevelopment and revamping, an old auto garage that has hit the market.