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Shit Millennials Like, According to WaPo Food

Toki Underground
Toki Underground
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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Much of The Washington Post's lifestyle coverage this week has been devoted to millennials, and today, the Food Section gets in on the theme. There are several articles focusing on the generation, whether it be their philosophy on food, suggestions for their pantries, visits to their favorite food court, millennials to watch in the food world or wines that appeal to the pseudo-youngsters. Glancing through the coverage, Eater has gathered together Shit Millennials Like, according to WaPo food.

*Calling themselves "foodies".

*Authenticity. "If a sandwich is billed as a Vietnamese banh mi, they expect it to look, feel and taste like an authentic banh mi," declares research from the Center for Culinary Development.
*Doi Moi's chairs. "Placed in Doi Moi's mosaic-floored dining room, within sight of the bustling open kitchen, the chairs are part of a space that exudes a breezy energy," reads Carman's article.
*Discounts on salad. Millennials have responded well to Sweetgreen's loyalty program, not to mention its Sweetlife festival.
*Open kitchens.
*Communal tables.

*Saving the world, without spending too much money. The Silver Diner sees plenty of millennials stopping in for the chain's revamped offerings like bison burgers and local salads, co-founder Bob Giamo tells Tim Carman. "Millennials have less money, but they want to use the money that they have to make a difference," Giaimo says. "We've been serving yuppies. Now we had to serve their kids with an experience they could relate to."
*The Luther.
*Alcoholic Milkshakes.


*Rice noodles. Bonnie Benwick recommends several pantry staples geared toward diners whose palates have "have helped expand the international aisles at grocery stores".
*Food trucks.
*Bangkok Golden. Erik Bruner-Yang declares his favorite restaurant millennial-friendly. "We live in a world of modernity, and millennials are constantly searching for [an] authentic experience, he says."
"Anti-authoritarian" wine. WaPo talks to Tom Madrecki of Union Kitchen pop-up Vin de Chez, who says he fashioned the wine list to "feature natural wines, primarily European bottlings from small family producers that use a minimalist approach and often flout the bureaucratic rules that dictate how wine should be made. It's an eclectic, slightly subversive list."
*Loud restaurants.
*Waiting in line for ramen. Bruner-Yang says, "The younger diners may not be married or don't have kids, so making a day out of something like waiting on Toki or drinking for a couple of hours.?.?. is a non-issue to them."
· All Washington Post Millennials Coverage [WaPo]

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