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D.C.'s Narrowest Home; $9.5M Ted Kennedy Manse Sold

Photo by R. Lopez

GEORGETOWN — We go inside D.C.'s narrowest home to see how the owner designs to fit his unusual space.

MCLEAN — The former home of Ted Kennedy (and its accompanying 6.5 acres of land) just changed hands for $9.5 million. Here's an old video that gives a quick tour of the place.

CAPITOL HILL — The Washington Monument won't be the only landmark on the mall with scaffolding come next month. The Capitol Building will start to undergo repairs starting next month (because...damn) but these renderings make it look like the building is about to receive acupuncture.

PETWORTH — The construction for the new mixed use project that includes a Safeway is progressing quickly. Is it too early to come up with a new nickname for this redesigned Safeway since "Sixties Safeway" is no longer accurate?

WESLEY HEIGHTS VS GLOVER PARK — Right now the Wesley Heights option is making a killing in this week's Real Estate Death Match, but cast your vote for your favorite 1 bedroom on the west side of the city!

NAVY YARD — It's official now: a Whole Foods is coming to a mixed-use project on the Capitol Riverfront. Cast your vote for where you think the high end grocer will pop up next. Right now the prevailing thought seems to be H Street NE.

GEORGETOWN — The Old Georgetown Post Office is shrinking and a new company is entering the historic building. Check out the renderings and details.

DUPONT CIRCLE — Remember that $26 million Patterson Mansion that has been on the market since July? It's finally under contract and in the process of becoming a hotel.