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Give Zentan's Pirate Chef-Inspired Drink a Try

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

[Photo: R. Lopez]

For Cocktail Week, bartender Josh Berner of Zentan has created a drink called the Marks the Spot, and a local artist was part of the inspiration for it. "Jon Wye is a local artist who works with leather. He makes amazing belts, and recently I bought a cuff from him made from a couple different parts of his belts. He also does t-shirts, and one of his signature images is called Pirate Chef," explained Berner. "It's a skull and crossbones, but instead of bones, there is a spoon and spatula crossed under the skull. As a bartender who does a lot of work in the kitchen, I found inspiration from the Pirate Chef image. The thought process was something like: "Pirates?ships?.sailors?.Navy?.Navy Grog?.fall version?.Halloween version!

"Navy grog started as a cocktail with ingredients similar to a classic punch recipe. Rum, lemon, water, honey, and spices. In 1941 Don the Beachcomber created one of the more widely used recipes using two types of rum, lime and grapefruit juice. Mine has a more fall tinge to it with blood oranges (it's Halloween, the drink's gotta have blood!)." The drink is available all week for $12.
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