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It's Back! Cocktail Week 2013 is Here

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Spirit lovers, brace yourself. Cocktail Week is back for a second year in a row here at Eater DC. That means a huge chunk of our coverage this week will be devoted to mixed drinks. There will be stories on cocktail trends, hidden gem bars, longtime industry members, hangovers, happy hours, obscure spirits and more. Last year was a blast, so expect more fun coverage this go-around.

And our special Eater Cocktail Week drinks are back! Head to Bar Charley, Jack Rose, Vinoteca, Thomas Foolery, Zentan and Daikaya Izakaya this week. Each of these hot bars has created a cocktail specifically with the Eater reader in mind. Stay tuned as we introduce each of these drinks this week, and if you try one, let us know the verdict in the comments or tipline. It all starts RIGHT NOW.
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