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Healthy(ish) Cocktails That Give a Buzz and a Boost

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Consider it the best of both worlds. On the one hand — or in one's hand — is a well-made cocktail that will help the drinker relax, catch up with friends, and possibly make new ones. And then the cocktail serves a twist and provides some sort of benefit beyond enjoying the drink and forgetting about the day.

Most of these drinks run around $11 and use infused liquors, special honeys, or very specific bases to maximize the punch from the drink and ensure the imbiber enjoys it on multiple levels. While none of these cocktails are approved by any medical specialist for their quasi-healthful benefits, these drinks offer more than the run-of-the-mill next morning mind fog. And as with anything, moderation is key because too much yellow chartreuse does not make one immortal.

Restaurant: Bracket Room
Location: 1210 N. Garfield St (Clarendon)
Cocktail: Chris' Hangover Cure
Cost: $11
Possible Benefits: Using cold pressed juice appropriately called "Cure" from Arlington's South Block, the cocktail combines the best of both worlds: Absolut vodka and the remedy to make sure the vodka doesn't knock the drinker out the next morning. The hair of the dog won't be necessary with this cocktail.

Restaurant: Ripple
Location: 3417 Connecticut Ave NW (Cleveland Park)
Cocktail: Akumal
Cost: $14
Possible Benefits: Elderflower is derived from elderberry which not only plays a minor role in the Walking Dead but also has been used to help with the flu and allergies. Add yellow chartreuse, which was created to provide the French nobility with long life, plus tequila, which typically shortens one's life, and the imbiber is back to square one.

Restaurant: Room 11
Location: 3234 11th St NW (Columbia Heights)
Cocktail: Rite of Spring
Cost: $11
Possible Benefits: Mixologist and GM Jessica Woods recommends this cocktail for a healthy boost. Mixing gin with chamomile-infused honey, lavender bitters, and lemon, this is a soothing drink with the honey acting as an anti-allergenic with a spirit that brings it all together.

Restaurant: Pulpo
Location: 3407 Connecticut Ave NW (Cleveland Park)
Cocktail: King Ferdinand
Cost: $11
Possible Benefits: Nothing helps a sore throat like some tea and lemon or an upset stomach like ginger. But is it as effective when it's Earl Grey-infused vodka with lemon bitters and a bit of ginger beer? Taking the traditional remedies with an alcoholic bent is the best way to combine the best of both worlds. The healing powers of what moms prescribe and what the bartender serves.

Restaurant: Beuchert's Saloon
Location: 623 Pennsylvania Ave SE (Capitol Hill)
Cocktail: The Abel
Cost: $11
Possible Benefits: Keeping with the theme of tea-infused liquor, this Capitol Hill saloon uses Earl Grey-infused bourbon with apple cider, a bit of lemon, and cardamon foam. This cocktail packs a double whammy of relaxants: tea and bourbon rolled into one. And one can always make the argument that there are vitamins in that apple cider.
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Beuchert's Saloon

623 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington DC, DC 20003 202-733-1384

Room 11

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