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Ripple's Caroline Blundell Has a Few Hangover Tricks

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Ripple's Caroline Blundell has several different strategies she uses to fight hangovers. Here's her advice:

· Ginger beer/lemon/angostura bitters: It's no secret bitters are a great cure for a hangover or upset stomach due to their medicinal qualities, but fresh lemon juice and natural ginger beer are also medicinal helpers. Together they act as an immune booster with high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants; ginger also helps calm an upset stomach. Plus it tastes good!

· Micheladas: Sometimes "Hair of the Dog" is completely necessary in the post-party healing process. My friend introduced me to the wonders of Micheladas. Traditionally Guatemalan, this is like a spicier version of a Bloody Mary, but with beer instead of gin or vodka. I love Tecate or Modelo Especial; something light and crisp.

· AND....when all else fails....Chocolate chip bagel bacon/egg/cheese sandwich WITH ketchup: The grease and variety of flavors help absorb anything left in your stomach. The ketchup helps cut through all the richness with its tang, and it's delicious. Sometimes a nap is in order afterwards, but this only helps in your hangover healing process."
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