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Two Rasika Bartenders Recommend Sprite

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Two of Rasika's bartenders have their own opinions on hangover cures. "Some Chinese University just released research that tested 57 beverages and they said that Sprite actually has the most ingredients that would help cut hang over time," says Rasika Westend's Simon Stilwell. "While I can not comment on the research study, I can say Sprite helps!" To avoid a hangover, Stilwell drinks a glass of water for each drink he has. "In college, I would stay up until I sobered up so that even if it was only a few hours of sleep, they would be restful sleep and not 'drunk sleep'.  I lament to say that being older I have trouble staying up."

Meanwhile, Rasika Penn Quarter's Tena Jahnagosha is also on the Sprite bandwagon. "My remedy for a hangover would be pretty common for industry folk. Half an Adderall taken with full glass of Sprite, and a Hair of the Dog (shot of whiskey or bourbon) and tons of water, and you should be good for another 15 hour shift!"
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