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Bryan Tetorakis Swears by Campari and Soda

Bryan Tetorakis
Bryan Tetorakis
Photo: R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Here's some hangover advice from Bryan Tetorakis, who oversees drinks at Rogue 24. "As bartenders and chefs, we are no stranger to the infamous hangover; however, there are remedies, "cures", and prior proper planning that can help us. The bartender cure would definitely be 'Hair of the Dog'. We all work with cocktails for a living, and like being a chef, we need to taste our drinks, and there is nothing like smelling booze after a long bender the night before.

My personal favorite Hair of the Dog is the Campari and soda. Campari and soda was my saving grace at Tales of the Cocktail. The campari is bitter, so it settles your stomach, and the carbonation from the soda takes the low ABV cocktail and shoots it straight into your bloodstream.

Campari and soda is more of a subtle remedy; sometimes you just have to rip it off like a Band Aid and go right for a shot of whiskey followed by coffee. Another trick is proper planning. Say I am in New York City for an event the next day, and I have time do hit some cocktail bars. I am expecting to drink about 12 cocktails total, maybe four different bars, and expect shots in between (bartenders can smell their own). In-between cocktails, always go with water. If I realize I won't make the whole night with the pace of cocktail consumption, I will then switch to something light (Miller High Life is perfect) or perhaps a Pilsner — something light to sip and keep you going. You can't stop drinking completely, that's how you end up passed out in the back of a cab."
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