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Shutdown Drives Obama, Biden to Taylor Gourmet

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Photo: Taylor Gourmet
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Amidst government shutdown negotiation deliberations, President Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden found time for a hoagie. The world leaders made a return visit to Taylor Gourmet (the location near the White House), where Obama ordered the Race Street sandwich (turkey, prosciutto, pesto, and mozzarella) and Biden ordered the 9th Street Italian cold cut hoagie. Both of them had cookies as well, (CBS correspondent Mark Knoller claims Obama tried to snag one from Biden, but was denied).

Taylor Gourmet is among those restaurants offering a discount to federal workers (10 percent off, plus a free cookie), but the presidential team paid for their food.
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Taylor Gourmet

2400 South Smith Boulevard, , VA 22202 (703) 417-2145