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Renting The Capitol On Craigslist; Mapping Filming Locations

All the latest news from Curbed DC...

CAPITOL HILL — Some "nonessential" government employee is apparently using this extra time on their hands to flex their creative muscle. They put up a Craigslist post renting out the Capitol Building for $1000/month.

SHUTDOWN REAL ESTATE — Feel like drinking while feeling "nonessential"? Here are fifteen Maryland and Virginia homes on the market that have spectacular wine cellars and wet bars.

CURBED MOVIE MAPS — Despite the difficulty that House of Cards has had filming here, lots of movies have been shot in D.C. This week, we look at the locations used by Minority Report and reminisce about that time Tom Cruise walked into The GAP at Georgetown. Check out the first two maps in our series as well: D.C. Cab and The Pelican Brief.

VIRGINIA — This castle in Fauquier County is being foreclosed! It's a pretty impressive place on account of being a castle!

MT. VERNON TRIANGLE — Sometimes, new buildings do a great job integrating old architecture into their design. Then there are projects like this one on K Street where the old boarded up houses just look creepy when juxtaposed with the new construction.

CURBED MAPS — Check out this map of former churches that have been repurposed as condos, art galleries and more.

ALEXANDRIA Take a look at the homes and businesses featured on last weekend's Historic Homes Tour.

BLOOMINGDALE VS. LOGAN CIRCLE — Bloomingdale won last week's Real Estate Death Match so we pitted another condo from the nabe up against perennial REDM winner Logan Circle. Vote for your favorite now!

MARYLAND — We hadn't updated the Purple Line Controversy Counter in awhile. Here's the latest in issues and beefs with the light rail system.