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Keep an Eye Out for Bulgarian Wines on Restaurant Lists

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The Bulgarian wines are coming. A local wine distributor is trying to push D.C. restaurants to give the genre a gamble, and he's having some success with the proposal.

Robert Hayk of Grapes & Barley, LLC
launched his distribution business this year, with a focus on the wines of Bulgaria. So far, the country's wines have found their way into such restaurants as Food, Wine and Co, Ambar, Agora and Black's Bar & Kitchen, as well as many of the area's wine stores.

"These are wines that have a story to them," Hayk told Eater, given Bulgarian wines have been referenced in ancient history (such as in texts by Homer), and have been made for centuries. Grapes that do well in traditional Mediterranean climates also thrive in Bulgaria, he said. They're also relatively cheap — a cabernet like one from winemaker Bulgariana retails for around $10; the winery's sauvignon blanc is about $11.

Tried any Bulgarian wines before? Share your experience in the comments.
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