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D.C.'s Scariest Houses; Exorcist Filming Sites

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by Wally Gobetz]

CURBED (SPOOKY) MAPS — From haunted national landmarks to murder sites, here are D.C.'s scariest locations.

CURBED MAPS — Stay close to the ground by the Tidal Basin, climb to the top of the National Cathedral or get a great view of the city from any of these other spectacular vantage points.

CURBED MOVIE MAPS — Want to see the creepiest parts of Georgetown? Here's where 1973 horror classic The Excorcist was filmed.

SOUTHWEST — D.C. has caught hotel fever! A new Hyatt Place is breaking ground later this year half a mile south of the National Mall.

CURBED COMPARISONS — From a studio in Dupont to a large 1 bedroom by Nationals Stadium, here's what $1,500 per month can rent you around D.C.

WEIRD HISTORY — Inspired by the Height Act, here are four more oddball laws in our District that make planning (and getting around) interesting.

LOGAN CIRCLE VS. CAPITOL HILL — Things aren't looking great for the Capitol Hill one bedroom on this week's Real Estate Death Match, but cast your vote!

DUPONT CIRCLE — The Phantom Planter is back with an art installation/protest banner at the Dupont Metro. It will be his first of three works of public art following the removal of his flowers.

WATERFRONT — This past Saturday, we snapped some photos of the Boat Home Tour. Check them out!