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D.C.'s 18 Essential Hotels; Curbed's Rental Redo Contest

HOTEL 18 — Curbed has streamlined the list of essential places to stay in Washington D.C. and named the top 18. As a follow-up, CORE's director of Hospitality Design talks about how millennials' expectations have altered hotel design.

CURBED CONTESTS — Is your rental space a wreck? Enter Curbed's Rental Redo contest for the opportunity to win $2,500 to redecorate your space.

ANACOSTIA — The travel warnings put out by the French government warns visitors to D.C. from going anywhere in Northeast or Southeast D.C. and definitely not Anacostia. Here's some required reading for them on current development in those quadrants since that travel warning sounds like it was written in 2005.

CURBED MAPS — From the National Arboretum to a traffic circle in Petworth, here are twelve spots to check out D.C.'s fall foliage right now before it's gone.

BROOKLAND — A quick investigation as to why people are moving to Brookland with greater regularity.

WATERFRONT — New condo building Sky House will have shared parking spaces, a personal trainer and these other insane amenities.

PETWORTH — Craigslist gold has arrived in the form of an artist haven called ThuG Man$ioN that includes monthly meetings and a Facebook page with 124 photos of their organic vegetable garden.

UNION MARKET — Not one week after the announcement of a Landmark Theater in NoMa comes the revelation that an Angelika Film Center will come to Union Market. Movies for everyone!

NATIONAL MALL — Over half of participating Curbed readers want to see the illumination of the Washington Monument continue after the scaffolding has been removed. Cast your own vote!.

HILLCREST — Concrete connoisseur John Earley designed this funky house which has just hit the market.

TAKOMA VS. MT PLEASANTCast your vote in this week's Real Estate Death Match where the poor Takoma unit is currently being slaughtered.