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Flight's Food; A Night at Moe's Peyton Place

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

PETWORTH— Ice cream providers Milk Cult are hoping to become more than just a pop-up at the Park View Patio. They're using Clovest to try to raise money for a full-scale location. [EaterWire]

PENN QUARTER Flight Wine Bar announced its plans for D.C. today, and a press release reveals more information about the menu. Expect such dishes as pumpkin dolmades with pepitas, raisins and yogurt, lamb chops with roasted chestnut, fish and chips and more. Edit Lab at Streetsense will design the space. [EaterWire]

SPRINGFIELD— WAMU's DC Dives series is back, and this one focuses on Moe's Peyton Place. It's a biker bar with a twist or two. [WAMU]

ATLAS DISTRICT— There's a liquor license application out there for a bar called "Sin Bin" and some folks on Twitter are freaking out about it (though it's actually a hockey reference). [Twitter]

Moe's Peyton Place [Photo: Facebook]