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Renters Week at Curbed; O Street Giant Now Open

Photo by Michael Grass

RENTERS WEEK 2013 — It's Renters Week over at Curbed DC! Check out everything from historic listings, exorbitant (and not-so-exorbitant) rentals and architecturally interesting structures to listing photo failures, our staff's rental horror stories and Craigslist alternatives. Speaking of Craigslist, check out our power hour chronicling wild listings followed by some advice on how to write a better one.

SHAW — The Giant anchoring City Market at O has reopened in its larger, revamped capacity. Here are some photos that we snapped before the grand opening.

BALLSTON Nobody's been able to come up with a good definition of the word hipster, but according to RealtyTrac, two of the country's biggest hipster zip codes are in Ballston.

HEIGHT ACT — The National Capital Planning Commission looks like it's going to relent on its "Don't Change This Law" position on the Height Act but then turns its original recommendation in to Congress anyway.

TRINIDAD — Here's a look at how the folks at REDBrick Homes are renovating Trinidad homes.

NAVY YARD — Artists poured 200 gallons of paint down the side of an old government building, which, for the next month until its demolition will be the Art Yards project.

FOGGY BOTTOM — Did you know that there's a memorial to Albert Einstein at the National Academy of Sciences? It's been there for 34 years!