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Tallula's New Chef; Legal Seafoods Closing

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

A MOVEABLE TWEET— Bartender Derek Brown of Eat the Rich has been spending the afternoon Tweeting #BarResumeTips. Here's one: "Drop "Bartending Resume" from the file name. I know that means you're still looking for a 'real job.'" [Twitter]

ARLINGTONTallula has a new chef. Northern Virginia Magazine says Rob Rubba, recently of Azur, is debuting a new menu tonight. [NoVa Mag]

ARLINGTON— A D.C. resident says she received a birthday cake with a homophobic message scrawled across it. The alleged perpetrator is an Arlington bakery that hasn't been named. [Advocate]

BETHESDA— The Legal Seafoods located in Montgomery Mall is closing, Robert Dyer reports. The mall has recently been updating its food offerings. [RD]

Tallula [Photo: R. Lopez]


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