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The Early Word on Oyster Haunt Eat the Rich

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Eat The Rich
Eat The Rich
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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Derek Brown has been on a tear, first with the sherry and ham themed Mockingbird Hill, and now with Eat The Rich, a partnership with the Rappahannock Oyster crew (next up: Southern Efficiency). Eat The Rich focuses on oysters and cocktails by the pitcher, and has a heavy metal theme. With such a small focus, every detail must be in place — does the concept work? Here's what the first visitors had to say about Eat the Rich.

The Stellar Service News: Eat the Rich is earning 4 stars on Yelp, with seven reviews in. Ruth C. says, "Mellow vibe, and an alright date option if you manage to claim stools. Service behind the bar is some of the best I've seen-- the barback was snagging us more silverware as soon as it was apparent that we were sharing around, and making eye contact with our bartenders was a breeze." [Yelp]

The Nice Ambiance News: Jonathan H "enjoyed I enjoyed this place a lot. And that's not just because I'm a huge fan of Olde Salt oysters from Chincoteague, which they have. I liked the ambiance, but yes, the whole notion of it being a 'metal' oyster bar isn't 100% accurate, but I enjoyed the music even if it hopped around a bit. I didn't come to this place because it was 'metal', I came because I love seafood and if it's got a cool theme that's a bonus." [Yelp]

The Overall Solid News: Gregg M reports, "Service throughout our meal was knowledgeable, attentive, and exceedingly personable with only a minor slip as it took a bit longer than it should've to get the check. Not a big deal. Eat the Rich? I'd prefer to just eat (and drink) what's on the menu." [Yelp]

The Get A Pitcher News: Brightest Young Things is all about the cocktails. "The big talk of the drinking town will be the pitchers of cocktails. When we stopped by, two seasonal selections were on offer (each not batched, but made to order on site, like one big, fancy cocktail): a mezcal/appleshrub/hellfire bitters combination that was wonderfully rich and warming, and a bourbon/ginger/lemon selection which bright and open. Brown is, of course, known for his martinis too, so expect some Greenhat gins in those pitchers soon enough too. Nothing not to like (or fear, depending on how your night is going)."

The Noise News: UrbanDaddy writes, "It's loud in here. Boisterous, even. Maybe it's the black spray-painted brick and the safety glass everywhere. Maybe it's the Iron Maiden and Mötley Crüe on the speakers. Anyway, it's just the kind of place to lead a group of folks you're getting to know a bit better." [UD]

The Near 930 Club News: On Don Rockwell, golden ticket says, "Fresh, local oysters on the half shell, bourbon in the cocktail pitcher, Beastie Boys on the stereo - what's not to like? I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Eat the Rich. It was an easy place for a pre-930 Club meal a few nights ago." [DR]

The Get the Porgy News: On Foursquare, here's a tip from R.B. "Best oyster and seafood bar in DC. Awesome shooters and oysters. But the homerun is the pocket stuffed Porgy for 2. Wow! Amazing! Top Chefs and the service was perfectly attentive. Try this out today!" [FS]

The Big News: A review from the Going Out Guide reads, "Everything is bigger at Eat the Rich, from the 32-ounce, made-to-share pitchers of cocktails such as the Hollowed Apple (with Fidencio mezcal, agave-laced apple shrub and Hellfire bitters) and the Beer 'n Clam (house-made Clamato and beer; more on that later), to the entrees you'll find on the menu, including Chesapeake eel pie and pocketbook sea bream for two." [GoG]
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Eat The Rich

1839 7th St. NW Washington, DC