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Halfway Through Fall, 30 Restaurants Open and Counting

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Rose's Luxury
Rose's Luxury
Photo: R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

When it comes to restaurant openings, fall is one of D.C.'s two busy seasons, and this year is no exception. Lots of excitement greeted the season's arrival, including the promise of Bluejacket, Rose's Luxury and more. What's actually open so far? Here's the rundown of places that have opened since September 22 (excluding huge national chains like Panera, etc.). Will this season surpass the Spring of Insanity? Only time will tell. Now open:

1. Markham's Bar & Grill
2. Zeke's Coffee of D.C.
3. Buzz Bakery (Navy Yard)
4. Bluejacket
5. ShopHouse Bethesda
6. Sweetgreen McLean
7. B.J.'s Brewhouse, Tysons Corner
8. DCity Smokehouse
9. Bobby's Burger Palace (Bethesda)
10. Fresh Baguette
11. Caffe Aficionado
12. Olivia Macaron
13. Eno Wine Bar
14. Eat the Rich
15. Curbside Cafe
16. Kraze Burger (Barracks Row)
17. Shoo-Fly (Baltimore)
18. Honey Pig Germantown
19. Bo-Dogs
20. Sophie's Cuban
21. Copperwood Tavern
22. Rose's Luxury

23. Mix Bar & Grille
24. Barcelona Wine Bar

25. La Piazza Birreria
26. Rialto
27. Coffee Alley
28. Newton's Noodles
29. Water & Wall
30. Petworth Citizen

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments and we'll add to the list.
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