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Which D.C. Restaurant Names Are Easiest to Mix Up?

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Boundary Road (not Boundary Stone)
Boundary Road (not Boundary Stone)
Photo: R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

We learned today that Republic of Arlington is slated to open where Leek Bistro used to be. Given the name's similarity to the newly-opened Republic in Takoma Park, Eater got to thinking. D.C. isn't lacking in similar-sounding restaurant names. Which ones are the easiest to mix up? From Boundary Road/Boundary Stone to Poste/Posto, there is definitely room for error, even if the restaurants themselves aren't all that similar.

Vote today for the most confusing duo, and if you've ever showed up at one restaurant thinking it was another (or had dining companions do the same), share your stories in the comments section.

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