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These Are Eater's Most Popular Posts of 2013

Taylor Gourmet
Taylor Gourmet
Photo: Facebook
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

What makes an Eater article popular? Scandal? A great headline? Or the presence of hot chef eye candy? Actually, sandwiches. Here now, the most popular posts of 2013. This year, Eater readers appreciated service-oriented posts like shutdown deals, season previews and oyster happy hours. And like we said, anything about sandwiches.

1. D.C.'s Most Anticipated Spring Openings (March 2013)
2. The Government Shut Down — Here's Where to Drink (October 2013)
3. 12 Monster Openings Scheduled for January (January 2013)
4. A Guide to the City's Oyster Happy Hour Deals (February 2013)
5. And now, D.C.'s Iconic Sandwiches Revealed (March 2013)
6. These Deals will Continue Until the Shutdown Ends (October 2013)
7. Meet Jessie Barnes, Bar Rescue Service Expert (May 2013)
8. A Dozen Fall Openings to Get Excited About (August 2013)
9. Updating the Eater Drinks Map: Where to Booze Now (January 2013)
10. 15 New D.C. Sandwiches That Are Selling Like Crazy (February 2013)