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The Beuchert Boys Can Shave; Saloon Almost Open

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A less scruffy look.
A less scruffy look.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

They finally got to shave. The owners behind the upcoming Beuchert's Saloon on Capitol Hill got the chance to clean up their beards this week, because the restaurant has finally been granted its certificate of occupancy. As you can see, some of them elected to stick with facial hair — just keep things a little more tidy.

Partners August Paro, Brendan McMahon and Nathan Berger have been growing their beards since September, after they made a vow to wait until the restaurant was just about ready to open. They're finally at the point — the permit means the restaurant will have a soft opening sometime next week, according to a spokeswoman.

Beuchert's Saloon is opening at 623 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. The team is taking great lengths to restore the building so that it invokes the saloon it used to house more than 100 years ago (it was also a speakeasy during Prohibition). PS7's veteran Andrew Markert is cooking the American food there. The restaurant will feature pantry items made from local farm ingredients, a backyard patio and more.

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Beuchert's Saloon

623 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington DC, DC 20003 202-733-1384