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A Salute to Sexiness: Hottest Chef Day 2013 Starts NOW

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Today at Eater, it isn't Heart-Shaped Food/Crowded Restaurant/Expensive Tasting Menu Day. Instead, we're counteracting Black Thursday with our own salute to sexiness. Welcome to Hottest Chef Day 2013.

All the hot chef action of 2012 has been condensed into one jam-packed day. Readers have sent in a ton of nominations this year, so the proceedings will move quickly. There will be a bunch of initial heats, two semi-final rounds and a final faceoff to determine this year's Hottest Chef. That means voting will take place over a very short time period (about 45 minutes per round), so keep an eye on this page constantly to make sure the most attractive chef wins. Let's go!

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