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The Best Way To Spend $4 At Barmini by José Andrés

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Despite being billed as an accessible alternative to Minibar, José Andrés's new experimental cocktail lounge Barmini isn't the kind of place where people are likely to visit in search of a deal. After all, this is a place with tough-to-get-reservations, $14-$20 cocktails, a cactus couch that costs more than a car, and a doorbell customers must ring to be granted access. But there's a bargain to be found at Barmini, in the form of the Thai Chicharrones, one of the destination's bar snack options.

"Everyone really should be ordering them," a bartender said during a recent visit. And at $4 a pop, it's not a bad argument. The addictive pork rind-like snacks are lightly caramelized and dusted with a mixture of ginger, keffir lime and cayenne pepper, according to chef Jorge Hernandez. A frothy yogurt espuma with tamarind sauce is served on the side. For contrast, the priciest snack on the menu is an Iberico ham toast for $22. Go for the drinks, stay for the pork rinds.

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