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Make Way for Rio Churrasco, Midnight Confections

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

NEW TRUCKS— Make way for Midnight Confections Cupcakery, which is expanding from Baltimore to D.C., as well as Little Piece of Heaven, an American food truck in Montgomery County. [FTF]

COMING SOONA new truck called Rio Churrasco is in the process of getting the permits to set up shop in D.C. They'll be slinging Brazilian fare.

MEDIA— There's a new documentary in the works called Dog Days focused on the story of DC hot dog vendors. They're seeking funding on Kickstarter to help with post production costs. [WCP]

REVIEWS— Food truck turned brick and mortar restaurant Windy City Red Hots is one of the few places Northern Virginia Magazine endorses for a Chicago-style hot dog. Keep on Truckin' checks out Yumpling and finds their fairly low-calorie dumplings addictive. [NVM, BYT]